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Simplicity through innovation

Evvos designs and develops hardware, firmware and cloud integration services platform. Our in-house hardware and software teams collaborate to ensure optimal interoperability between sensors, data acquisition devices and software.

We take away complexity

Sensor data is processed by Evvos hardware and sent to the cloud integration services platform. Use our API and relay services to create your own apps, platform or on-premises applications.

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How it works

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  • OneSense Environment and Agriculture device
  • 4-depths AquaCheck Probe
  • Relative Humidity & Temperature sensor
  • 6-plate Solar Radiation Shield
  • 1-year Sigfox Subscription
  • 1-year Evvos CIS application

* Price valid through September 15, 2018. While supplies last. Limit of two per customer. Discount code UC17A18100 – sales@evvos.com

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Innovation is creating value

Battery powered, wireless sensor data acquisition devices designed to lower your cost per sensing point by acquiring, processing, storing and transmitting data from a variety of sensors. Powerful cloud integration services platform, API and relays to easily create your own portal or apps.

Out-of-the-box connectivity

No network equipment necessary to connect sensors. No setup needed to start using your devices. Just select sensors, turn on your device, and immediately start collecting data.

Very low energy consumption

Increased battery life expectancy. Minimized environmental impact and reduced device maintenance. Depending on your use case, batteries will last for several years.

Cost effective

Very attractive cost per sensing point due to the possibility to connect multiple sensors to one device. Reduced total cost of ownership thanks to connectivity enabled by an innovative Low-Power Wide-Area Network technology.

Powerful cloud platform

Scalable cloud platform running on Microsoft Azure, capable of processing and storing data from millions of sensors. RESTful APIs and message relaying (JasonFlat, JasonNested, FormURI) capabilities for easy integration with your apps or portal.

Explore! You will love how easy it is to start gathering insightful sensor data.

Innovation made in Luxembourg

Contact us. We will help you with your Internet of Things proof-of-concept, productization and deployment.

Choose Your Sensors

Pt100/1000, thermocouples, ambient temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, soil moisture and temperature, leaf wetness, pressure, vibrations, and much more. Get sensors from our online shop or use your own.

Leaf Wetness

Wind Speed

Rain Gauge

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Data acquisition devices designed to gather high quality data. Minimise maintenance costs with our innovative power supply circuitry design and carefully selected MCUs. Up to several years of operation without replacing or charging batteries.

AllSense Industry

AllSense Environment

OneSense Agriculture

Accessories and Replacement Parts for your Data Acquisition Devices and Sensors

Enclosures, antennas, RF coaxial cables, cable glands, waterproof USB gaskets, pressure compensation plugs, batteries, solar panels, spacers, screws, locknuts and much more.

Dipole Antenna

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Rechargeable Batteries

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Cable USB B micro plug

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Improve productivity and efficiency in your organization.

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Collect quality data to analyse and predict the impact of nonlinear environmental processes.

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Measure environmental parameters to support planting, irrigation, and harvesting.

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