How it works


  • Stainless steel enclosure and filter cap, engineered to protect sensing elements
  • Internal electronics sealed in resin
  • Heater used at very high humidity levels for removing condensated water drops on humidity sensor
  • Heater control command set (aXH!) to easily control heating/cooling cycles
  • Statistics control command set (aXS!) to manage continuously accumulating statistical data for all environmental parameters
  • See level pressure configuration command set (aXP!)
  • User calibration command set to manage individual, multipoint calibration for each primary parameter
  • Multiple electrical interfacing options – SDI-12 (v.1.4), Modbus/RS-485, NMEA 0183 over RS-422
  • Low-power consumption suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Earthing – probe’s metal casing internally connected to GND

Accurate, Rugged, Wide Temp Range

Ideal for long-term, unattended remote monitoring.

The Evvos RHTP probe integrates meteorological-grade sensors for measuring relative humidity, air temperature, and barometric pressure. Engineered to deliver precise environmental data, it offers real-time measurements and the calculation of various derivative parameters.

Evvos designs and manufatures the most versatile humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure probe on the market

Primary Parameters

Secondary Parameters

Relative humidity
Air temperature
Barometric pressure

Dew point
Absolute humidity
Wet-bulb temperature

Vapour pressure
Saturated vapour pressure
Atmospheric pressure at sea level

Heat index
Mixing ratio
Specific enthalpy

Boiling point of water
Speed of sound in air
Water activity in air

Choose Your Sensors

Pt100/1000, thermocouples, ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, CO2 (% in air), wind speed and direction, rainfall, soil moisture and temperature, leaf wetness, pressure, vibrations, and much more. Get sensors from our online shop or use your own.

Leaf Wetness



Rain Gauge

Get Devices

Telemetry transmitter devices, designed to acquire and provide high quality data. Minimise maintenance costs with our innovative power supply circuitry design and carefully selected MCUs. Up to several years of operation without replacing or charging batteries, external power options.

OneSense Pulse and Current

OneSense Pulse and Current

OneSense Pulse and Voltage

OneSense Pulse and Voltage

OneSense Environment and Agricutlure

OneSense Environment and Agriculture

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Enclosures, antennas, RF coaxial cables, cable glands, pressure compensation plugs, 18650 Li-Ion and alkaline batteries, solar panels, spacers, screws, locknuts and much more.

Rugged 1⁄2-wave center-fed dipole antenna

Dipole Antenna

Rechargeable Batteries

Cable USB B micro plug

Innovation is creating value

Battery powered, wireless telemetry transmitter devices designed to lower your cost per sensing point by acquiring, processing, storing and transmitting data from a variety of sensors. Powerful cloud integration services platform, API and webhooks/relays to easily create your own portal or apps.

OneSense Pusle and Curent

Explore! You will love how easy it is to start gathering insightful sensor data.

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