How it works

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  • Accurate, reliable weather monitoring
  • Up to 24 weather and environmental variables
  • Designed for continuous deployment in different climates
  • Enclosure ingress protection class IP66
  • Optional GPS
  • Optional solar panel or external battery pack

Primary Parameters

  • Relative humidity – %
  • Air temperature – °C

  • Barometric pressure – hPa
  • Rainfall (pulse count 0,1/0,2/0,25/0,5mm)
  • Wind speed – m/s
  • Wind direction – ° (deg)
  • Solar radiation

Additional Parameters

  • Wet-bulb temperature – °C
  • Heat index – °C
  • Dew point – °C
  • Frost point – °C
  • Wind gust – m/s
  • Beaufort Wind Force Number
  • Wind chill – W/m²
  • Wind chill index – °C
  • Saturated vapour pressure – hPa
  • Water vapour pressure – hPa
  • Absolute humidity of air – g/m³
  • Speed of sound in air – m/s
  • Specific humidity – g/kg
  • Mixing ratio – g/kg
  • Atmospheric moisture by volume – ppm
  • Atmospheric moisture by weight – ppm
  • Enthalpy – kJ/kg
  • Boiling point of water – °C

Choose Your Sensors

Pt100/1000, thermocouples, ambient temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, soil moisture and temperature, leaf wetness, pressure, vibrations, and much more. Get sensors from our online shop or use your own.

Leaf Wetness



Rain Gauge

Get Devices

Data acquisition devices and transmitters designed to gather high quality data. Minimise maintenance costs with our innovative power supply circuitry design and carefully selected MCUs. Up to several years of operation without replacing or charging batteries.

OneSense Pulse and Current

OneSense Pulse and Current

OneSense Pulse and Voltage

OneSense Pulse and Voltage

OneSense Pulse Temperature

OneSense Pulse Temperature

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Enclosures, antennas, RF coaxial cables, cable glands, waterproof USB gaskets, pressure compensation plugs, batteries, solar panels, spacers, screws, locknuts and much more.

Rugged 1⁄2-wave center-fed dipole antenna

Dipole Antenna

Rechargeable Batteries

Cable USB B micro plug

Innovation is creating value

Battery powered, wireless sensor data acquisition devices designed to lower your cost per sensing point by acquiring, processing, storing and transmitting data from a variety of sensors. Powerful cloud integration services platform, API and relays to easily create your own portal or apps.

OneSense Pusle and Curent

Explore! You will love how easy it is to start gathering insightful sensor data.

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