Evvos Relay Configurations enable you to easily stream sensor data to any platform or application. To have all messages associated with a device type, “pushed” to your end point you must setup Relay Configurations.

How to configure relays

Navigate to a Device Type details page and click Relay Configurations.

Click Crate New Relay Configuration

Setup Power BI

Let’s start with an example.

In just 15 minutes you can build powerful reports and dashboards using Evvos Sigfox-enabled devices, Evoss Cloud Integration Services (CIS) and Microsoft PowerBI.

Navigate to Power BI – https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/ and Sign In.

Click My Workspace and then Create and then Streaming dataset.

Select {API} and click Next.

Provide a name for your Streaming dataset, fill in the Values from stream and select the appropriate format (Text, Number or Date Time).

Note: If you are not sure what are the Values from stream, go back to https://portal.evvos.com and select a Device from the Device Type you wish to connect to Power BI

Copy the Push URL and click Done.

Next go back to Relay configuration in Evvos Cloud Integration Services https://portal.evvos.com, fill in the form and click Save.

Done. After a few minutes (depending how often your devices send messages) you will have sensor data streaming from Evvos Cloud Integration Services to Power BI.

This is it. Now, go back to Power BI and create your reports and dashboards. Here is an example of a Tide Monitoring System Report

Note: You can check the status of your Relay Configuration messages directly on https://portal.evvos.com

Official POWER BI recommendations: