Relative Humidity, Temperature and Barometric Pressure Sensor

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Evvos’ RHTP sensor is well crafted and designed to provides high-quality environmental data, real-time measurements such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and calculation of multiple parameters – absolute humidity, dew point, vapour pressure, and saturated vapour pressure (SDI-12 version).

  • Stainless steel enclosure and filter cap
  • Waterproof protection of internal electronics—only sensor elements are exposed
  • UV-protected and oil-resistant flexible cable
  • Multiple electrical interfacing options and combinations
  • Low-power consumption suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Developer controlled on-board heater against condensation on sensing element
  • Pt100-equivalent accuracy of temperature measurements (optional)
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The RHTP sensor is a robust, high-accuracy, digital probe. It measures multiple environmental. Due to its low power consumption, versatile electrical interfacing options and wide power supply range, the probe is compatible with a variety of battery-operated dataloggers and industrial data acquisition systems. A stainless-steel enclosure in combination with weatherproof electronic circuitries and durable cable, ensure proper long-term operation even in harsh outdoor and industrial conditions. For improved reliability and accuracy, the probe is equipped with a power-adjustable heater to prevent condensation on humidity sensor and deterioration of its data quality. Probes for environmental and industrial applications utilize high-precision temperature sensor equivalent to Pt100 and calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited standards. User-selectable 3V/5V electrical communication levels for certain interfacing options, enable professional and semi-professional developers to comply with the requirements of both off-the-shelf and custom-built R&D hardware tools.
It is compatible with OneSense Pulse and Voltage and OneSense Environment and Agriculture sensor data acquisition devices.

Typical Applications

  • Environmental monitoring/li>
  • Weather forecasting solutions
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Precision agriculture/farming
  • Home/office automation
  • Internet of things
  • HVAC

Electrical Interfacing Options

  • Datalogger version A: UART + SDI-12 (user-selectable 3V/5V logic levels)
  • Datalogger version B: single-wire + SDI-12
  • Developer version A: I2C + SDI-12
  • Developer version B: USB + SDI-12
  • Environmental version: RS-485 + SDI-12 (SDI-12 protocol)
  • Industrial version: RS-485 (Modbus protocol)

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions N/A

250 g


18 x 155 mm

Cable length

1 m standard. Other lengths on request.

Electrical Interface

Single-wire, SDI-12


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