Relative Humidity, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and CO2-percentage in Air Probe

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  • Stainless steel enclosure and filter cap, engineered to shield sensing elements in harsh environments
  • Waterproof protection of internal electronics—only sensor elements are exposed
  • UV-protected and oil-resistant flexible cable
  • Low-power consumption suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Electrical interfaces: SDI-12 (SDI-12 protocol v.1.4), RS-485 (Modbus protocol), UART (Modbus protocol), USB
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The robust Evvos RHTP probe combines meteorological grade sensors for barometric pressure, relative humidity, and air temperature measurements. It is designed to provide high-quality environmental data, real-time measurements, and calculation of multiple derivative parameters. The RHTPCO2 version of the probe includes an additional measurement of CO2-percentage (in air) compensated for relative humidity and air temperature.
It is compatible with OneSense Pulse and Voltage and OneSense Environment and Agriculture sensor data acquisition devices.

Primary parameters

  • Relative humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • CO2-percentage in air

Typical Applications

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Weather forecasting solutions
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Precision agriculture/farming
  • Cold chain and HVAC applications
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Secondary parameters

  • Absolute humidity
  • Dew point
  • Wet-bulb temperature
  • Vapour pressure
  • Saturated vapour pressure
  • Atmospheric pressure at sea level
  • Heat index
  • Mixing ratio
  • Specific enthalpy
  • Boiling point of water
  • Speed of sound in air
  • Water activity in air

Additional information

Weight0.250 kg

250 g


18 x 155 mm


The 1.5 m. (5,9ft), 5-position, PUR halogen-free, black-gray RAL 7021, free cable end, on socket straight M-12, A-coded sensor
cable is suitable for RHTP versions with SDI-12, single-wire, and UART interfaces. Custom cable length on request.

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