Agriculture Solution UC20

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  • Plug’n’Play – connect sensor, turn device on and start receiving sensor data
  • infrared radiometer/thermometer
  • relative humidity and air temperature sensor
  • 6-plate solar radiation shield
  • rain gauge
  • 1-year connectivity license (optional)
  • 1-year CIS (cloud integration services) subscription
  • Transmitter with 2 Li-Ion batteries with 5200 mAh total capacity
  • GPS (optional)
  • Enclosure ingress protection class IP66
  • Operation temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C


Agriculture Solution UC20 includes:

This is all you need to accurately monitor soil and plant canopies surface temperature, relative humidity, air temperature, precipitation and to transmit sensor data to your portal or application.

Monitoring soil and plant canopies surface temperature, relative humidity, air temperature, and precipitation are critical factors that farmers should consider. With all the pressure to get started planting, spraying, irrigating and increasing yields, it is important to take the time to ensure you are setting your crop up for success.

Contact us at to inquire not just about sensors and work management but also pest control, disease models and irrigation.

Brief Overview of Infrared Radiometers

Dr. Bruce Bugbee, of Apogee Instruments, discusses surface temperature measurement and covers seven characteristics that set research grade infrared radiometers apart from hobby grade infrared temperature guns.

Why we use Apogee Instruments’ Infrared Radiometers

  • Excelent accuracy over a wide temperature range – ±0.2°C
  • Field of view – narrow field of view further increases accuracy
  • Spectral Sensitivity – measures only the atmospheric window eliminating radiation absorbed by water vapour
  • Response time – due to its innate small noise over time properties, the need to wait for several seconds to gather data and calculate running average is eliminated
  • Emissivity (e) – accounts for reflected radiation
  • Durability – designed for continous outdoor use
  • Output – digital interface (SDI-12)

Typical Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring
Sources: The Future of Global Water Stress: An Integrated Assessment, Influence of soil moisture content on soil temperature and heat storage under greenhouse conditions, Soil Electrical Conductivity – Soil Quality Kit

Additional information

Zone / Region

RC1 – Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa, RC2 – USA, Mexico, Brazil, RC3 – Japan, RC4 – Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Malaysia, Panama, Taiwan

Calibration Uncertainty (0 to 50 °C), when target and detector ΔT are < 20 °C

0.2 °C

Calibration Uncertainty (-30 to 65 °C), when target and detector ΔT are < 20 °C

0.2 °C

Calibration Uncertainty (-40 to 80 °C), when target and detector ΔT are < 20 °C

0.5 °C

Measurement Repeatability

Less than 0.05 °C

Infrared Radiometer Field of View

32° horizontal half-angle, 13° vertical half-angle

Infrared Radiometer Spectral Range

8 to 14 µm atmospheric window

Infrared Radiometer Operating Environment

-50 to 80 °C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity (non-condensing)

Infrared Radiometer Mass (with 5 m of cable)

190 g

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