4 07, 2019

Battery Selection – What Makes Batteries be in Charge

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<< Back to Part 1IoT data acquisition devices run on electricity. Consequently, a reliable power source is as much of an enabler as the well-crafted marketing perception, that wireless IoT networks transporting data are crucial. While laptops and cell phones can conveniently be carried out around, at the end of the day they usually end [...]

3 06, 2019

Data Accuracy and Device Endurance

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Feed a powerful software with simulated data and it will simulate help. Feed it with real-life accurate data and it will actually help.    “In the following articles, Mr. Stoyan NIKOLOV – Evvos’ lead R&D Engineer discusses the importance of selecting the right batteries for wireless data acquisition devices, ingress protection, R&D, POC (proof-of-concept) projects, [...]

9 12, 2018

IoT Magic and the 2018 Enthusiasm Reality Check

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Over the past few years, IoT became a buzzword and it generated quite an excitement spanning well beyond the universe of tech enthusiasts. Major players have announced their overly optimistic predictions and marketing departments were, and still are, busy explaining what IoT is and why it is the next big thing for any business. [...]

17 11, 2018

Evvos Has Been Recognized as the Best Startup in Europe in the AgriTech Category

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At the Startup Europe Awards final in Sofia, Bulgaria Evvos designs and develops Sigfox-based, battery-powered wireless, sensor data acquisition devices and a cloud integrations services middleware application for gathering, processing, transmitting and integrating sensor data for agriculture, industrial and environmental monitoring. Sofia, November 15th, 2018. The Luxembourgish startup Evvos has been recognized as the [...]

9 03, 2018

Self-sufficient Sensors Playing a Pivotal Role in the Development of Precision Agriculture

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Evvos S.A. is a technology company developing wireless battery-powered data acquisition devices for precision agriculture, environmental and industrial monitoring. In 2016, Evvos was approached by a client and asked if it was possible to design data loggers/devices capable of acquiring, processing and transmitting data from a wide variety of agricultural sensors. The solution must be [...]

17 01, 2017

Using Sigfox and Evvos Relay Configurations to Stream Sensor Data to Power BI

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Evvos Relay Configurations enable you to easily stream sensor data to any platform or application. To have all messages associated with a device type, “pushed” to your end point you must setup Relay Configurations. How to configure relays Navigate to a Device Type details page and click Relay Configurations. Click Crate New Relay Configuration [...]

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