CIS App Subscriptions

Cloud-based middleware for device management, messages decoding/encoding, API, and webhooks integration

Cloud-based middleware is a critical component in modern IoT and device management ecosystems. It serves as the connective tissue between devices, providing essential services such as message decoding/encoding, API management, and webhooks integration. This allows for seamless communication and interoperability among various devices and applications, facilitating a more efficient and scalable system. Evvos offer cloud-based middleware solutions that cater to these needs, ensuring devices are managed effectively and data flows smoothly across the network.

Evvos is dedicated to providing comprehensive support packages that guarantee efficient service experience for every customer. With a robust Help Center and a range of telemetry devices, probes and solutions, Evvos empowers users to integrate and manage their data seamlessly. The Cloud Integration Services App, hosted in a secure Microsoft managed datacenter, further enhances the reliability of Evvos’ services. These offerings are designed to minimize maintenance expenses and streamline implementation processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational excellence.